Our Staff

Photographer: I have mentored and have been trained from certified master photographers, and the industry’s best and most highly renowned and acclaimed boudoir photographers in the business.

Why I LOVE Boudoir Photography:

I thank God everyday for giving me this life and the talent of photography. I believe that every woman is beautiful just as she is.

Boudoir photography is such an intimate and emotional experience. I hope to show you how beautiful and sexy you are; that you have still “got it” at age 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60. I hope, through your renewed confidence in yourself and your boudoir experience, that you and your photos will reignite some serious sparks with your partner!!

In the studio, I will strive to create a relaxed and casual environment so that you feel completely comfortable.

Office Manager: Hi my name is Debbie. I have been the office manager for 3 years. I have 15 years experience. I work behind the scenes most of the time. I will most likely be the one answering your emails, booking your photo sessions, answering your questions, and getting your finished products packaged and ready for pick up and shipping orders. I find boudoir photography so rewarding because I love the way it brightens our clients. We have women come into the studio for all different reasons. Women leave our studio with a life changing experience where they feel empowered and beautiful!

Production Manager: Hi my name is Jenny. I am affectionately known as the “Production Princess”. I work on editing your gorgeous images, making your online galleries come alive, creating your albums and phone apps. Get your files ready to send to the publishers and labs.

Makeup Artists:

Sheila: Full time Senior Makeup Artist

Raquel: Part time Senior Makeup Artist

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